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Everyday Sempernauts

Everyday people are prioritizing their health! Recognizing the connection between well-being and peak performance, many individuals are adopting healthy habits to enhance their cognitive function and overall health. We’ve curated a collection of articles featuring these everyday minds and their unique approaches to staying sharp. Dive in and explore their fitness routines, dietary choices, and personal wellness philosophies!

April 17, 2024  -
I’m 61 but have the body of a 38-year-old — here’s how I biohacked the aging process - Link

January 23, 2024  -
This 64-year-old ranked 5 in a millionaire’s longevity contest - Link

December 09, 2023  -
This 55-year-old single mom makes less than $100k per year and is reverse aging without spending millions. Here’s her daily routine - Link

November 04, 2023  -
Wealthy men are spending millions to lower their biological ages and live longer. These women are beating them with cheaper solutions - Link
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