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Billionaire Sempernauts

Billionaires are taking charge of their health and well-being, aiming to optimize their performance and longevity. We've curated a collection of articles exploring the healthy habits of these high achievers. Dive in and discover their fitness routines, dietary strategies, and unique wellness philosophies!

February 17, 2024  -
Exclusive: Bryan Johnson, the tech founder spending millions to be 18 again, says his goal is to make death optional - Link

February 09, 2024  -
Doctor (Peter Diamandis) Reveals His Daily Tips to Live a Longer Life. - Link

November 16, 2023  -

Peter Thiel has invested millions in longevity research. Here's the billionaire's antiaging routine. - Link

May 25, 2023  -
The fitness regime that transformed Jeff Bezos from scrawny bookstore boss to buff billionaire - Link

May 24, 2023  -

ChatGPT CEO Sam Altman’s Anti-Aging Routine Is Worth Copying - Link

May 06, 2023  -
Inside Rich Lister Tim Gurner’s new anti-ageing, private social club - Link

April 15, 2019  -
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Eats One Meal a Day. Is That Wildly Unhealthy, or Genius? - Link
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