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Scientist Sempernauts

Scientists are setting their sights on health! Recognizing the link between well-being and peak performance, many researchers are embracing healthy habits to boost their cognitive function and overall health. We've compiled a collection of articles featuring these scientific minds and their unique approaches to staying sharp. Delve in and discover their fitness routines, dietary choices, and personal wellness philosophies!

March 05, 2024  -
The Real Life Diet of Blue Zones Founder Dan Buettner, Who Cooks Recipes From the Longest-Living Family in the World - Link

March 05, 2024  -
Aging is a Treatable Condition, says Dr. Nir Barzilai - Link

February 26, 2024  -
The Most Important Daily Habits For Health & Longevity - Dr Rhonda Patrick - Link

January 15, 2024  -

David Sinclair Diet and Key Principles for Longevity - Link

January 14, 2024  -
The ‘holy grail’ of longevity foods this doctor (Dr. Neil Paulvin) eats every day—it protects you ‘like a suit of armor’ - Link

January 10, 2024  -
How to Actively Reverse Biological Age with Dr. Florence Comite - Link

November 20, 2023  -
An Anonymous Longevity Enthusiast (David Barzilai) Unmasks Himself - Link

October 28, 2023  -
Peter Attia's anti-aging exercise routine includes 4 types of moves - Link

October 06, 2023  -
A leading biological age expert (Steve Horvath) reversed his own biological age by 4 years using simple techniques that anyone can do - Link

October 05, 2023  -
Diet and exercise habits of a longevity expert (Valter Longo) who wants to live to 120 - Link

September 03, 2023  -
This 1 Mistake Will Make You Age Faster, Says Doctor (Dr. Neil Paulvin) - Link

July 15, 2023  -
Dr. Mark Hyman’s secret to a long life: ‘A stress that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ - Link

June 10, 2023  -
Longevity doctor (Dr. William Li) shares the No. 1 diet he follows to ‘beat diseases and live longer’: It’s a ‘unique blend’ of foods - Link

March 17, 2023  -
Longevity expert (Dr. Luigi Fontana) shares his 7 habits to live a longer, healthier life - Link

November 26, 2022  -
How To Increase Longevity | Prof. Matt Kaeberlein - Link

June 03, 2021  -
How to Win the fight Against Aging | Aubrey de Grey on Health Theory - Link
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