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Calc Biological Age

Epigenetic calculators use DNA methylation data to estimate a person's biological age, which is an estimate of how old a person's cells are based on their DNA methylation patterns. Epigenetic calculators can help you to identify risk factors for age-related diseases, track the effects of lifestyle changes, and make more informed health and lifestyle decisions.

In short, epigenetic calculators are a valuable tool for learning your biological age and improving your overall health.  Shown below are companies that offer epigenetic calculator kits to estimate your biological age. Below them is a third party link to a simple question based longevity calculator.

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TallyAge is a product of Tally Health that you use to find out your epigenetic age.

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TruDiagnostic is an epigenetic testing company specializing in biological aging.

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epiAge develops and markets epigenetic kits for biological age assessment.

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myDNAge is a biotechnology company that provides epigenetic aging tests.

Longevity Calculator

This third party longevity calculator is based on a detailed statistical analysis of NIH-AARP data and conducted by Wharton professor Dean Foster.

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