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Bryan Johnson

Bryan Johnson: Chasing Longevity with Project Blueprint

Bryan Johnson, the entrepreneur behind the payments company Braintree (acquired by PayPal for $800 million), has set his sights on a new venture: conquering aging itself. Through his initiative, Project Blueprint, Johnson is attempting to biohack his way to a longer, healthier life.

Johnson's approach is multifaceted. He meticulously tracks a vast array of health markers, ingests a daily regimen of over 100 supplements and medications, adheres to a strict sleep schedule, and undergoes frequent medical testing.  Some elements of his program, like caloric restriction and intermittent fasting, have established links to improved health. Other methods, like young blood plasma transfusions (which he has since discontinued due to lack of proven benefit and potential risks), are more experimental.

Project Blueprint has garnered significant attention. Johnson claims to have reversed his biological age by several years and boasts improvements in various health metrics.  He has even launched a company, Blueprint, which offers a purchasable version of his supplement regimen (though it omits some of the more controversial elements).

However, Johnson's methods are not without criticism.  The high cost (estimated at $2 million per year) puts his project out of reach for most people. Additionally, the scientific community remains divided on the effectiveness of his specific approach. Some experts caution that correlation doesn't equal causation, and that the long-term effects of his interventions are unknown.

Despite the skepticism, Johnson's experiment has sparked a conversation about the boundaries of human health and aging. Whether he achieves his ambitious goals or not, his efforts provide valuable data points for researchers in the burgeoning field of longevity science.

Bryan Johnson
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