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Dan Buettner

Dan Buettner: Explorer, Author, and Ambassador of Longevity

Dan Buettner is a man of many hats. Explorer, journalist, author, and public speaker, Buettner's passion lies in uncovering the secrets to a long and healthy life. His groundbreaking work on the Blue Zones has garnered him international recognition and inspired countless people to embrace healthier lifestyles.

Buettner's journey began with adventure. A National Geographic Fellow and three-time Guinness World Record holder for endurance cycling, his early expeditions fueled his curiosity about different cultures and ways of life. This curiosity led him to a key question: why do people in certain parts of the world live exceptionally long lives?

The answer came in the form of the Blue Zones. Through extensive research, Buettner identified five regions – Sardinia, Italy; Okinawa, Japan; Loma Linda, California; Nicoya, Costa Rica; and Ikaria, Greece – where people live longer and healthier than average. By studying the habits and lifestyles of these communities, Buettner discovered nine common denominators that contribute to their longevity.

Buettner's findings, popularized in his New York Times bestselling books like "The Blue Zones" and "Thrive," captured the world's attention. His message – that lifestyle choices play a major role in lifespan and well-being – resonated with millions. Buettner's work isn't limited to books. He founded Blue Zones, a company dedicated to helping communities adopt Blue Zones principles. Through partnerships with municipalities, workplaces, and universities, Blue Zones Projects empower people to make healthy changes in their environments.

Beyond longevity, Buettner emphasizes the importance of happiness in the Blue Zones way of life. His book "Thrive" delves into the practices that cultivate joy and purpose in these communities. Whether it's strong social connections, a plant-based diet, or a focus on purpose, Buettner's message is one of holistic well-being.

Dan Buettner's influence extends far beyond the pages of his books. He's a regular on national television programs, a sought-after speaker at global events like TEDMED, and a tireless advocate for healthy living. His work offers a roadmap for those seeking to live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life – a testament to his dedication as an explorer, educator, and ambassador of longevity.

Dan Buettner
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