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David Barzilai

A Healthspan Coaching Blueprint for Healthy Longevity

David Barzilai, MD PhD is a longevity specialist, health coach, speaker, thought leader, and pioneer at the forefront of optimizing personal healthy lifespan, bringing expertise on the most impactful advances in research to his clients. Through Barzilai Consulting (Healthspan Coaching LLC), David incorporates the latest data, scientific and technology breakthroughs, providing state-of-the-art longevity and healthy lifestyle coaching and consultations one-on-one with his clients. Quality of life, physical and mental vigor, and  healthier lifespan (both "youthspan" and "healthspan"), are at the center of Barzilai Consulting's mission.

Who we serve:

  • Entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives

  • Clinicians and longevity specialists

  • Evidence-based biohackers

  • High performance individuals and longevity enthusiasts

  • Individuals interested in risk mitigation of chronic disease, and optimizing healthy lifespan.

As the CEO of your well-being, you take radical responsibility for your decisions and outcomes, so you seek all available research, knowledge, and expert insight to help you minimize risk and maximize not just the duration of life, but also the quality of your years.

Discover a longer, healthier, and more youthful life with personalized support from a knowledgeable, compassionate, highly trained health and longevity specialist.

Break free from traditional clinical constraints, leveraging cutting-edge science and therapeutics, and engage in deep, empowering discussions about your personal health goals.

You’ve got a team of medical providers - perhaps even working with a longevity center - to handle your diagnostics, treatments and prescriptions but you’re interested in the latest research, emerging ideas, alternative perspectives and unique approaches that are decades ahead of standard care.

We work together, complementing your current health team, to proactively design and navigate your health journey.

Common client objectives include:

  • ·Lifestyle: diet (weight maintenance), healthy eating (nutrition), physical activity (exercise), sleep, stress.

  • ·Optimizing physical and mental performance, regimens and protocols (both natural and exogenous), including evidence-based biohacking.

  • ·Expertise around health areas of controversy.

  • ·Discussion of apparently conflicting data.

  • · Longevity and evidence-based regimen expertise

  • · Life coaching including for relationships, business, and what matters most to you at work or home.

  • Prevention and risk mitigation approaches for heart disease, cancer, and brain health including alzheimer's disease,  other dementias, and optimal health.

All coaching and consultation is performed personally by David. Sessions are client-driven, and can be either stand alone, or part of a long-term partnership.

David Barzilai
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